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Welcome …I am a writer, photographer and poet who has a fascination with the mystery teachings of the of the Celt tribes and their folk and fairytale. I love nature and all her many faces and live closely with the earth and her potent energies, reflected in her changing seasons. Together with my husband David, we are guardians of 20 beautiful acres of rolling pasture lands on the Great Divide.

My passions are writing, poetry, music, gardening and self sufficiency, living in harmony with the cycles of the Wheel of the Year.

Three years ago I began my studies with the Druid order of Bard, Ovate and Druid in the UK and have found yet another tradition that enhances my abilities to connect deeply with our changing planet and passed proudly, into the Hall of the Bard.

I have published 5 books in my Silver’s Threads series and offer now, a small volume of my poetry, entitled Unfurled.

Several non fiction books and a new series of fantasy are brewing in the cauldron as we speak.

I hope you enjoy wandering my pages and hope that you will interact with me here …share your thoughts and dreams as I attempt to share my inner world with you the reader …blessings …Penny Reilly

You can find out more about the author, her books, poetry, tours and workshops, or where to buy her books at…

Workshops, Store and Newsletters http://daylesfordtarot.com

Meet the Author http://facebook.com/pennyreillyauthorpage

Reams of Poetry http://facebook.com/earthlyrites

Art and Photography http://www.facebook.com/beyondthegategallery



Direct link to Amazon.com http://amazon.com/author/pennyreilly














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