Hello World !!

Greetings and welcome to Silver’s Threads.

I am a new kid on the block in the world of blogging and so it is, with some trepidation, I step out of my preverbial broom closet, as both a witch and a writer.

My hopes are to share the experiences of living, as I do, in the cycles of nature and to meet fellow witches and writers on the journey.

This my first, humble little blog, is an opening gesture to simply say, “hello” or “merry meet,” to all who walk this path.



  1. Congratulations on losing your blogging virginity! And how apte it is leading up to Beltane.. hehehe. I will keep up with your blog and look forward to hearing your musings, wisdom, healing and love that you bring to the world!


  2. Hello Silver,
    Its great to read you’re interested in writing urban fantasy novels. How exciting, without visiting your new blog I may never have known! I have one or two author friends writing in this genre – it’s such an ‘atmospheric’ realm. My first novels published were in the darker-side of paranormal fantasy. Look forward to following your progress. Welcome to the world of blogging – Wendy ~


  3. You teach me so much from your use of language!! Merry meet is a nice way to say hello on this new path you are on; you will always be on a new path, for you have untold and unknown talents that will continue to develop as you share your love of living! Sharing progagates the new:)) Congrats to your one of many new paths!! Carol Hartman


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