…out of the broom closet

….and into the world of witchery !!

....out of the broom closet



What does it mean to be a witch in a modern society. It has become a ‘trendy’ image for some.  The right clothes, sacred body art and jewellery. Moving through a veil of fragrant patchouli, wearing a mysterious smile perhaps? The image conjured is of course an illusion, for witches are down to earth beings and in truth may not be spotted readily in a crowd.

Most are fun loving beings with a, somewhat, reclusive air. They merge in the cityscape and emerge to celebrate the turning cycles of nature….to dance on moonlit grass or gravel….to feast amongst the trees, be they in an urban park or in the wildwoods of rural hills. They speak little unless asked….they listen much.

As the wheel turns we move toward the sacred fertile rite of Beltaine, in the Southern Hemisphere, whilst our Northern cousins approach Samain, (Halloween, as it is known today), the festival of the dead and the beginning of a new year in the Celtic traditions.

What begins our journey on this path…what leads us here. For me ? Having studied all philosophies and always asked the question, “what was before that,” it lead me here…to the beautiful gentle, nature traditions….”an it harm none, is all of the law.”

In todays busy, “gotta have” world, what could be more appropriate than to live that simple truth…sadly, although most witches would certainly, not consciously, harm another living being, they forget to include themselves within that reference.

…blessings – silver –


  1. I love everything about being a witch. The essence of what it means to be one (although everyone takes it all in their own individual way) fits me like a glove.. I was not born in human form and became a witch, I was born a witch that in this lifetime chose to be human.. May the mysteries of Her unveil themselves to me as I work in true connectedness with ‘all that is’.. Blessings Silver. Pep x x x


  2. I love the good press about witches. I am not one but I promote all forms of natural magic and knowledge is power. You send out such beautiful messages and will educate so many. Shine on Silver!


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