…ramblings on beginning the journey

....to catch a dream

As I began the journey into writing there seemed so much that needed be taken into consideration that daunted me. I can, in fact, understand why many never begin!

I actually don’t believe we ever write, or at least not completely, from a fictitional perspective. Everything that urges us to write comes from, a space within our understanding and experience as well as our imagination and even our heritage so how would I, a Wytch, write a fantasy that comes primarily from my Celtic roots, when I live in Australia? Although I have lived here 31 years my inner landscape is still English and Irish; my book, however, will be written here and is set in the beautiful area where I live.

There are a million books on shop shelves and on-line about the practices of The Craft, as it is popularly known nowadays. About the seasonal rites, casting circles, Goddess and God but what does it actually feel like? What do we actually experience? For that is what, ultimately, Wytchcraeft is, experiential, to be at one with everything in the cycles of nature and life. Having the power to consciously make changes that can totally turn your life around. Victim to master in 13 Lunar cycles, times 3. Of course there are no guarantees for that mastership. Being a Wytch requires discipline, a trust in the processs of becoming. The world of the Wytch is one of constant change and progress, no two cycles ever being the same.

There are, however, fewer novels on this subject, most of them being very dark in their aspect. Vampires, Monsters, Ogres and other “things that go bump in the night!” I decided it needed to be positive, life affirming and about characters who are at various stages on their journey of discovery on the Way of the Wise.

When I started pulling my thoughts, journal entries, random scraps of paper and ‘napkins of ideas’ together, in preparation, it was Full Moon on Hekate’s Day, 16th May, 2011. I remember clearly because I also began a new Book of Shadows. Years of embracing, becoming and being a Wytch, had shown me so much about how the world operates and my place in it. Therefore, finding myself, has always been about finding my self within Nature, not in the world of ‘tick tock,’ and I sense that this is the only way we ever, truly,  find ourselves.

Becoming lost in beautiful reflections of Her, we cannot but be aware that we are, in truth seeing ourselves, for where we see beauty we find truths that exist beyond stereo types, in the harshness of a small bird’s skeleton, in naked trees in Winter as a tapestry of skeletal veins and in the translucent skin of a snake’s shedding.

The journey began so long ago, when as a child I would ‘see’ what others could not. Touch a gravestone, a book or any object and be able to tell the story of the person and their journey through life.

My grandmother called me Fae and said she thought the fairies had left me here and that is exactly how it felt then and still, sometimes, today as I write this, for with age the tapestry of my creative self has become all the richer. I have learnt to live and work with the gifts I received, known as clairvoyance and clairsentience.

As a child I was so connected to nature it almost hurt. A butterfly with a broken wing and no hope of repair, a squashed beetle, not quite dead. Anything lame, injured or dying brought up empathetic pain within me. Today that pain is still there. As an empath it encompasses the entire human race, with their continuing pain and fear. It seems sometimes as if  the whole planet is screaming for help but that, of course, is not the planet but the human race, held in their own ignorance about the greater scheme of things, of which they are all a part of.

As a Wildwytch, a walker of the Old Ways, so much is becoming clear; not separation no…all is one.

My novel is therefore, in many ways also my story, told partially from the perspective of my Fae self known as Silver, who inspires me as my muse and who will make you, hopefully, question enough to listen within for your own deeper nature…..Silver is my inner Wytch my ‘otherworld-self’ and so begins her-our-my journey.

…blessings Silver

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