…a little magick

….moonlit nights

…..on moonlit nights.

Dark of Moon the air is waiting,
Held in stasis for a call.
Moonlit nights there’s sound vibrating,
Holding all within Her thrall.
Planets and stars in whirling orbits,
Dance the music of the spheres,
Sweet,  incandescent illuminations,
Far beyond our mortal ears.
If these sounds, on occasion,
Came but once within our range,
All our searching would be over,
We would be forever changed.
Yet the sweetness of this music,
We can never understand.
Never put with pen to paper,
Never play with human hand.
For within are all the secrets,
Of every living Universe,
And in that changing we may wonder,
Is this a blessing or a curse.
Scanning the heavens, ever listening,
Ever waiting for that call,
As the sounding of the ages,
Holds us in Her blissful thrall.
The Moon has forever held a fascination for humankind…the light in the darkness, yet remembering that, without the darkness, we could not see the stars.


  1. Thank you for your blog. Whilst your shop isn’t that far for me to travel to (prob. 1 hour), I feel as if I am learning a lot from your blog and words.

    Thanks for sharing

    Liz x


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