….the magick continues.

Magic is a such an over used word, conjuring images of rabbits pulled from hats and subtle, slights of hand, with coin or card. True Magick is something else, something that cannot be explained readily or explained away !

How do we define…Magick ?

As a child Magick is everywhere, unquestioned, so why is it that we allow the world, teachers, parents, peers, to make us fall into forgetfulness about the amazing worlds of the Magickal realms and how we saw, indeed experienced them.

As a child I was never alone. My world was inhabited by wee folk in every blossom and leaf and tall elven beings, graceful and immortal of whom I would have glimpses, when I stood in front of the mirror in my Grandmother’s bedroom. That mirror was like a portal. I would only see them then with physical eyes, otherwise it would be on peripheral vision, with the sense of being observed but when turning to “catch” them out, they were gone.

Imagination ? Then why today are there so many books and films on “imagination.” One of the fastest growing religions on the planet today is Paganism. One of the largest selling genre of books is fantasy, which has everything to do with Magick. Is everyone a dreamer ? Do people only want to believe that there is more in existence than they can see or fully understand ? Well as I have said to many,

 “You can see the trees moving but you can’t see the wind!”

We could say that all the fantasy in the world, the rich imagery of the Fae lands, are simply pulled from the collective, as I like to call it, “cosmic soup.” If that were so, that in itself, would mean there is a, “storage space,” a vacuum, where all fantasy is stored and, tapped into at will, by fantasy writers and artists. So this, in a sense would be the same for all the clairvoyant imagery I receive for my clients when I can describe a person whom I have never met in detail, what ails them in the physical, emotional and mental aspects and find the first cause of that ailment. Is that fantasy if it’s correct ? Which brings me back to the topic….is that not Magickal ?

Magick is also about true purpose because, where your mind goes-energy flows ! We have in our grasp the ability to change our world by changing our thoughts and also by owning, being responsible for everything we do, say, feel and yes, even think. Every thought we have takes shape somewhere. Every time we stand at the crossroads of decision-making and choose a direction, there is another part of us that takes the alternate route too in a parallel dimension, so to speak, for Magick is also about the knowing that truly everything is indeed now. Time does not stretch out in a straight line…that is the illusion of magic and not the truth of Magick.

…to be continued




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