…the wheel turns…

...the wheel of life
As a Wytch and a Pagan, the wheel of life turns in full consciousness, spinning threads; a tapestry of colour, light and sound.
Words too, spin threads of colour and when read aloud, create ripples of sound that vibrate out into the ethers awaiting response.
This little innocent poem is a memory from childhood; a snippet I wrote when I was 9 or 10 years of age, which wouldn’t let go of me until I paid it some attention. I was, and still am, always questioning the how, the why of life…..I hope for me, that questioning, never stops.
Wytch Way Round
Wytch way round does the Magick flow,
…does it ever stop,
…is it always on the move,
…ever on the go ?
Wytch way round does the oak leaf know when it’s time to fall,
…from seed to shoot,
…how does it know,
…it could ever grow so tall?
Wytch way round does the caterpillar know,
…how to spin,
…to the left or the right,
…to cocoon itself in.
Wytch way round does a butterfly know,
…when to first emerge,
…then wings open, drying,
…trembles on the verge
Wytch way round does the dragonfly
…know the exact time;
…to crawl from water onto earth,
…before taking to the sky.
Wytch way round does a honey bee know,
…it never needs to roam,
…yet flitting over vast expanses,
…always finds home.
Through the exquisite curiosity of a child, I see the way for us all to find our innocence again….it’s never really lost, just hidden under the burden of adulthood that continuously and unconsciously, speaks to us in our parent’s voices, “grow up, be an adult, act your age, don’t be stupid, stop day dreaming,”…..ad infinitum!
Find your joy in simplicity, be instinctual and intuitive, be child like. There is a vast difference between childish and child like I might add !!
Take a daily journey into nature and let Her open your child’s eyes again.
Be blessed….Silver


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