…I’m writing as fast as I can !!

….Silver’s Threads, Book 1….Spinning Colours Darkly will soon be a happening thing. It’s been long in the cauldron of creation…and as the title depicts, it has been a time of weaving and spinning colours with words…finding threads to follow…and at times, getting lost in the intricacies of other realms as they construct new threads to pull on and knots to unravel.

The first in a series of possibly five books they weave the lives of, predominantly, five women who are charged with a task to unravel and to re-weave in the ‘Skeins of Tyme itself.’ An urban fantasy set in Australia but which takes the reader to other countries and into other realms.

What if someone could fall off the edge of their own personal tapestry of life…disappear into uncharted places…hiding from sadness perhaps and what if, mirroring that sorrow, a small being of light could become corrupted by the pollution that is the suffering we see here on earth and falls through the time space continuum into this confusing world creating a blight in consciousness itself. If other realms are affected how would our world respond…would we fall into chaos or would we finally look for solutions.

A tale of the Wytchways…the Craft of the Wise…how ancient Rites can be a tool to integrate…to reweave this world back into synchronicity with all other realms and into oneness with all life again…forgetting the illusion of separation through the understanding that everything is now…who we are, have been and will be…is now.

We begin the journey of the five women with the unscheduled disappearance of one. A teacher, a seer and an advanced soul…she is a Wytch, a Wise Woman and has trained the others in the Wytchways but even their combined skills need help from the other realms…and so the journey begins simply enough, with a set of instructions for the remaining four to unravel…twists and turns in the warp and weft of time…meeting other aspects of themselves, where clues have been hidden…finding in those aspects the secrets of other worldly lives, connections and even ancestry, that will weave and re-weave their stories together and apart throughout the Skeins of Tyme, to manifest a new way of being…an understanding being, that one of the things humans fear the most is that……Magick might just be real and it might be hidden within each of us.

…blessings….silver…(Penny Reilly)

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