…Imbolc…a promise of Spring

…it’s cold in the Highlands and frosty moonlight shone blue on the icy crispness of the frosted grasses. An Owl hooted dismally as if in need of an energy boost…to which, (or is that to-wit), I totally relate …do Owls crave sunshine, I sometimes I wonder?

Imbolc already; these last few days have had the air of “false spring” about them and there is quite possibly still snow to come but I begin to sense the “sap rising” in the trees and with this rising I feel a warmth deep in my belly. Just the smallest drop of sunshine is enough to have me racing outside to sit like a proverbial “lizard on a rock” to soak up the nourishing vitamins and to warm my bones.

Imbolc is for me a time of renewal…the time for planning the planting of this years seeds …both physically and metaphorically speaking …everything dreamed and mulled over through the cold and dark now seeks the light of day …as indeed all things that grow need light to manifest themselves fully.

The full moon for Imbolc was huge and mysterious…bringing me deep visionary dreams of ancient ways…emergence from caves…even sleeping in one with an old female bear…curled up against her warm flank while two cubs played; I woke before I could find out how she would react to my presence!

I walked an ancient stone circle midst a grove of trees…emerging into moonlight at a dolmen with the Rune Tiwaz engraved in its moss-covered side …the Rune for the Spiritual Warrior. As old paths are left behind or converge with another so do I experience the anticipation of spring and a new way opening up to explore.

        …the softness of feathers …the strength of her claws
…the power of her flight …her beak …strong as jaws
…yet she will fly …with the moon on her wings
…and gently glide down to the Lady who sings

…may your Imbolc be blessed…Penny (aka silver)


  1. Oh Silver, your words take me to your world as always. I can see thru your eyes, feel as if in your skin, that is such a gift, which I thank the Goddess you have & put to good use. Thank you for sharing such visions with me. Blessings to you Silver dear sister )o(


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