…into the myths…

…it’s been bleak and cold this week …0 degree days and snow at 800 meters …the grass is an emerald carpet all around and in spite of the cold, the cherry, pear, quince and plum trees are in flower and the birds are going about their spring time creative endeavours.

…soon the days of planting begin …later than usual but I sense not far away.

…I write daily, even though I don’t necessarily blog. Research is becoming more and more fascinating as I plan and weave the story line for the next books …Grey Weavings is well on the way (39,000 words in) and hopefully I will complete it by December this year.

Celtic Mythology comes to life in a rich tapestry of coloured threads. I love to find the knots and tangles, gently unraveling them into a supportable pattern for story telling. Just their names intrigue me …Arianrhod, Aynia, Aine, Aife, Airmhid …Goddesses of the Wheel of the Year, the Owl, weaving, musical craft and the silver moon …writing and poetry …fertility …warrior training …herbs and healing …all relevant to the script that leads you into the web of wyrd …or as I call it The Skeins of Tyme ….

…Weaving the tapestry means making sure that none of the older threads are lost in the weave …none can be left dangling …each must find its way to the heart of the world …to the Blessings Tree for healing …each must be untangled so that past and future aspects of a single soul …a Littleshape, can find their way home and become True again; to themselves and to the agreements made on the eternally spinning Wheel of the Year.

Every aspect is connected life within life …no death truly is as it is just another spin of the wheel …consciousness is the key however …conscious life and conscious death …for each brings us to our reason for being over doing …creating and not destroying …shucking off the physical like a well-worn overcoat, creating a shining new cloak of gossamer threads …and so we journey on …into the Skeins of Tyme …blessings …silver

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