…the “between”…

In my books I write about the ‘Between’ the place that exists outside our limited view of the world. If everything is now, then the idea that time is a straight line from A to B rather falls through the cracks doesn’t it? Time as a continuum has no straight lines just beautiful curves and twists that spread out through the “Between.” If we can find the right swatch or ‘skein’ of threads, then we can give them a little tug, to tangle or untangle, bits of ourselves that have fallen through the cracks, as it were; the little pieces that we have known are missing from our psyche.

When I first began to work with the process of storytelling I was aware of the potency that stories hold in the human psyche.

We are governed by the store of images and symbols that allow us to connect the dots when they are triggered.

“Once upon a time” for instance, everyone immediately recognises as a commencement to a story and shifts perhaps, in their mind to a rainy day by the fire with a good tale or a favourite yarn told as a bedtime treat.

Even as adults we have certain fantasy stories that kindle memories or inspiration within …Lord of the Rings…Harry Potter …worlds apart in their time of creation and yet they hold sway in our image bank equally.

My characters wrote themselves with the help of the most predominant voice and images in my head, namely Silver. I call her my true self, my wiser self and it’s through her that these books came about. To wake with a song line ready to write down or a twist in the plot, unfathomable before sleep, is a gift indeed. As a Hedgewitch, a Pagan, I respect the otherworldly influences that can make a somewhat complex process a little simpler.

My aim has been to give readers an opportunity to search their own psyche for the triggers in the books, hidden within the plot and story line …an opportunity to see the planet through different eyes and to hear the cry for help, not from her for she can look after herself but from deep within ourselves.

We do all know that without Her we cannot survive and if we continue on the current path of “having” over being, of consumerism rather than “how much is enough,” …then indeed we may not…

Blessings …Penny

Goodreads Author

Silver’s Threads Book 1, Spinning Colours Darkly July 2012

Silver’s Threads Book 2, Grey Weavings …forthcoming December 2012




  1. Your writing Penny, has created a shift in my thinking, my imagination, my view of Mother Earth in all her complexities. These days I feel a strong & growing connection with Her, Her pains, joys, longings & mysteries. I thank you for stirring that in me. I only wish others experience the growth in spirit & understanding bought on by your writings. So Mote it Be!


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