…I always feel a little blue !

Maybe it’s sheer nervous tension after completing a piece of writing but  I always feel just a little blue …I put it down to post birth pangs when a job is complete. The funny thing is that with my second book on the way I have already begun the third even though I said I wouldn’t start it until next year. I often wonder what pushes us to complete the ideas that can crowd our every moment …I dream about the characters sometimes …do they dream too?

It’s been hot at the farm, unusually so and with the weeding done in the herb garden I can imagine a little cool writer’s haven beneath the ancient Elder. It’s covered in fragrant flowers and the bees are busy. I have already taken the flowers from the  branches we pruned back to make syrup; four bottles just from a few stems and I will dry the straight branches for making beautiful wands.

With the book finished there will finally be time to rescue the jungle that my greenhouse has become …the chookhens will love it …lots of bugs took over last season and so a good clean up is necessary.

The Cherry trees are covered in little knobs of green and we might even get our first Hazelnuts this year …also the Olive Tree …so many tiny olives. Spring is done and now the burgeoning life of summer takes over all my senses.

…blessings …Penny


  1. Oh Penny, when I read your blogs I am there on the farm with you. I know I have all to romantic a notion of living there, as I am sure there is a lot of work to be done, but my goodness it sounds like heaven. Your life is so real, you really do make syrup from your tree blossoms & wands from the branches. It is not a story I am reading but a amazing woman who lives her life as a witch every day & has created that life which I only dream of. You are an inspiration Penny. Blessed Be


    1. …life can be as complicated as we wish to make it …finding the time to write and to keep track of 20 acres is no mean feat but I love it …I love to watch the seasons change and know that I am apart of it all …take time wisdomwillow it’s a beautiful journey we’re on …Blessed Be


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