…sultry summer…

wheat…somehow I drifted into summer …suddenly here She is, sweetly smelling of the hay harvest and warm, red, raspberries…summerraspberries

So many hours were spent this year, closeted with the writing of the two books, and finally the second is finished …the relief is enormous …a bit like giving birth in fact, the pain emotional, (although perhaps physical too, if I think about my sore neck), part excitement, part fear, part loss as the words are read again and again and then I wait for the first proof to arrive from the States; with the silly season in between, the wait is long but it’s done, Silver’s Threads Book 2, Grey Weavings, is ‘out there.’

Silver's_Threads_Boo_Cover_for_Kindle …every writer knows that bitter-sweet feeling I’m sure, of holding the ‘new smelling’ first copy in their hands; how I love the smell of books. I thought it would be less exciting with the second, perhaps a little more blasé but it’s actually stronger this time than with the first …and now I can garden!

…yes Summer is positively ‘bursting out all over,’ potato plants already flowering, elderberries and blackberries ripening and I noticed today that the hawthorn hedgerows are already colouring up, as if autumn were close …summer’s here, but Her burst of sultry heat may be short this year …I can feel a change; the storm is coming sooner than predicted, the heat’s intensity is lessening quickly as I sit, windows open, watching the butterflies flit and the plague proportion hatching, of harlequin bugs in the heat haze …there must be thousands of them …orange and green with translucent wings …please save some fruits to harvest pretty beetles …how can something so pretty be such a pest to growers …their capacity to eat and breed, (at the same time) is enormous in comparison to their size. Ah well, I’ll be getting the soapy water and pyrethrum mixed to spray the fruit …they don’t like the taste and will head off again when there’s nothing for them.

…and so another turn of the wheel moves us on towards steamy heights, then cool nights and early mornings again.

…I love this time as summer peaks and ebbs away toward autumn. Take time in your day to breathe in the aromas carried on the wind …they are subtle sometimes but I can smell from where I sit the warm, loamy scent of eucalypt from the forest close by, and the sweet, honey must, from the last of the grasses, sitting in huge, round  hay bales …the chookhens will love them for ‘edible bedding.

The trees are cupping their leaves toward the sk, as if in supplication for the rain to come soon, and the scent of ripening elderberries intensifies …summer is voluptuously, ripe and gaudy …soon enough She’ll shed her dress of green for something earthy and russet …soon enough…

…blessings …Penny


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