…as the wheel turns …


…when the air is still and sultry and the leaves on the ancient elder can’t even be bothered to stir, lifting their curled bodies upward toward the merest hint of moisture, I like to sit beneath them in the cool shade and contemplate all that needs to be done in the garden at this time of year …the answer to that, of course, is there’s plenty to do but too much heat to do it productively. I could weed …I could plant …but without the necessary cooling air it would be counterproductive.


…writing then becomes a peaceful task as the birds twitter …fanning and ruffling their feathers, cooling themselves in the leafy canopy above me …dropping the occasional elderberry in their attempt to quench their thirst with the sweet, juicy morsel that leaves stains on the table top and in my hair …no matter …it was once a dark auburn-red!

…although the heat has been intense this summer, I can smell autumn in the morning mist and hear the ‘autumn warble’ of the resident magpie flock …it’s a sound they make only at this time of year…

…its dark moon again and a cooling breeze comes at night now …there’s dew on the ground in the morning when I walk the dogs …the scent of the forest is alluring and pungent …earthy and ripe …soon it will be time to harvest the wild blackberries for juice and jam and for cough syrup …the first harvest of potatoes is complete, sorted and stored according to their best use and the tomatoes are just fruiting, (we’re later than anywhere else due to our altitude) …peas and beans, broccoli and cauliflower have burst through the warm soil and will make wonderful winter soup and stew additions …warm scented coriander and basil have thrusting flower heads, almost ready for seed collection that will be sown when spring comes round again …a few tall, stately sunflowers are turning toward the sun from east to west, following the vast arc from KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAmorning to night …they too will be harvested when their petals fade and the huge wheel of seed changes to a dark chocolate-brown…

…this is a wonderful time of year to be still and observe, until the sun’s heat diminishes and dips towards late afternoon …then suddenly, energy returning, the birds sing their lament to the days ending and I hurry to harvest the spoils of the turning wheel before the light fades…

…blessings on your harvest days ….Penny

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