…a breath of fresh air…

It smells heavenly as the rain storms impregnate the soil and the sticky heat releases the crude essential oils from the eucalypt in theflyingbug surrounding forest …wild fennel adds an exotic pungency to the mix as lichens free their earthy moss fragrance along with their spores, to the air.

Everything lifts their faces skywards as the soothing, thirst quenching rains of late summer turn the paddocks green, wild dandelion, nodding now as they cast off their puff balls, strewn …to be taken where they will…

…and yet I can see summer yielding to autumn as the hedgerows start to change their coats from green to amber and ripening blackberries lend a splash of rich current colour to nature’s palette …the mornings are cool now and the small spiders are making their webs from grass stem to stem across the ground …droplets of spidersweb.jpgshining rain cover each thread with silver and my thoughts begin to drift towards the harvest time approaching…

…she’s changing her gown from green to gold …the harvest is ripening as the year grows old

…Mabon’s first kiss is felt in the air …as elders ripen in hedgerows fair

…what do you wish for your harvest this year …have you laboured long for your fruits to appear

…let go the old growth, let the leaves fall …the fruits of you harvest will come when you call…

…wild-crafting …blackberries, hawthorn, fennel, mullein, evening primrose, cornflowers, burdock, beech and chestnuts all clamouring for my attention …and then theirs the garden with ripening tomatoes and sweet onions, Brassica are just beginning to show their heads and green beans are stretching up their little tendrils to pull themselves off the ground and up the trellis, their showy scarlet flowers rampant for attention…

…it’s easy to yearn for cooler days at the height of summer but now, as it wanes and we relax a little after the heat, the garden days are just begun …best to stay in the moment as the wheel turns on towards Mabon …Autumn Equinox …soon enough the harvest will be processed into storable goodies for winter and the first bonfires will be lit to celebrate our personal Celtic new year at Samhain …how fast the wheel spins on …best to be present in the moment…

Know that you are the maker of your magicks…


…blessings …Penny


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