…calling the rains…

…the frogs are singing the rain …for most of this summer I’ve missed their songs …it’s been so hot and dry for some weeks, over 30 degrees, which is rare for our highland eyrie …still the weather broken and the sound of rain on the roof was deafening.KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

…the air is sweet and the birds are everywhere – there’s a Cormorant on the edge of the pond; wings outstretched, head stretched back to catch each drop as the rain turns to a fine misting, cleansing herself of parasites and dust; she preens and grooms, flapping her great wings occasionally, sending droplets flying.

frogs…all the trees have cupped their leaves skyward to catch every drop, but they are slowly changing colour now. The greenhouse is burgeoning now, frogs and tiny crickets are burrowing in the damp mulch …everything has doubled in size in just a week …small green tomatoes are tinged with pink, capsicum plants are flowering and small lettuce are ready for the plate …I can see new potatoes, fresh frittata and lettuce will be on the table for dinner …throw in some wild roquette and small fresh sorrel leaves and we’re done!

…it’s wonderful to sit in a cool room, windows open to the breeze …lists writing. Weed greenhouse, clean out chook yard, tie up tomatoes and build tripod frames for peas and beans …feed the fruit trees and go for a long walk to wild-craft, sorrel, fennel, all-heal, burdock, berries, mullein, wild primrose, watercress, crab apples, beach nuts and chestnuts  …nature provides so much gratis …youKONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA just have to know where to look …hmmm …mushroom times nearly here too!

…collect small whole field mushrooms …wipe them dry and then pack them into a sterilised jar …half fill with wine vinegar, bay leaves, cloves and garlic and top up with olive oil to fill…seal …needs 2 months to mature and then …hmmm indeed!

erleaf…writing seems to be on hold as nature pulls, tugs at me …guiding me to hidden, delicate herbs and foods …the paddocks are green  and the dandelion have ‘re-grouped’, flowering again through the grasses …everything smells of water and wet earth …little birds bathe in the puddles and there’s a flash of blue sky across the horizon to the west. Kookaburra are calling late, which indicates still more rain to come …the storm last night was spectacular and the bats came inside to chase the large march flies that ‘snuck’ in under the dog’s radar …so along with free food there was a free light show …nature’s fireworks, a testament to her raw power …fires, floods and sunshine …a climate of such extremes… my head and eyes can’t ever take it all in …but my senses do…

Wytch Way Round

Wytch way round does the Magick flow,

…does it ever stop,

…is it always on the move,

…ever on the go ?


Wytch way round does the oak leaf know when it’s time to fall,

…from seed to shoot,

…how does it know,

…it could ever grow so tall?


Wytch way round does the caterpillar know,

…how to spin,

…to the left or to the right,

…to cocoon itself in.

Wytch way round does a butterfly know,

…when to first emerge,

…then wings open, drying,

…trembles on the verge


Wytch way round does the dragonfly know

…the exact time;

…to crawl from water onto earth,

…before taking to the sky.


Wytch way round does a honey bee know,

…it never needs to roam,

…yet flitting over vast expanses,

…always finds home.

Through the exquisite curiosity of a child, I see the way for us all to find our innocence again ….it’s never really lost, just hidden under the burden of adulthood that continuously and unconsciously, speaks to us in our parent’s voices, “grow up, be an adult, act your age, don’t be stupid, stop day dreaming,”…..ad infinitum!

…the magick of nature is within as well as without …blessings …Penny


    1. Thank you Josephine …I am honoured to have you visit. Yes I live in a slice of Victorian paradise, although it’s been a very harsh winter this year it gives me time to hole up in front of the fire and write, write, write. xx Penny


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