…wet and woolly …but oh so creative…

002…from my little corner of the world I love to sit, in between creative spurts, to watch the wildlife as they interact …this little lady is our resident wombat, black and glossy, she’s healthy and quite tame as wombats go …so funny to come home to two dogs and a wombat waiting at the gate and a cat on the fence post …I don’t know why she’s so friendly, its unusual behaviour for sure!black wombat

As I write, a gaggle of male Rosella sit in the birch grove, observing the females as they raid the potato patch. They love to dig around and find the little ones that haven’t grown or have become waterlogged …the male’s behaviour reminds me of school dances, when the boys would sit chewing their finger nails and scuffing their feet; feigning disinterest, while the girls flitted around the dance floor. They observe but are shy to interact and the females are not always encouraging …then there’s a moment when two connect and leave the flock for the mating season…

Our Raven have returned …every year without fail they come for their courtship dance, reminding me a raaven8little of Bower Birds as the male displays his tail feathers and tempts the female with a stick or a feather stolen from the chook yard …’Look how I can provide for you,’ he mutters in his guttural tongue as she pretends indifference …looking bored as she cleans her claws or preens her feathers. She is distinctive as she carries a bar of silvery-white on her left wing but near impossible to photograph …I’ll keep trying though!

…winter is harsh this week …driving rain and high winds so forced inside to work, finally the editing is finished and Book 3 can find its way to the light of day. Deeply involved with finding the threads, in fact not missing any is probably more the point, a new theme and new characters began to emerge… I think I’ve got my work cut out for me…


…I always include pages of some of ‘Sybille’s’ (my character who has vanished mysteriously) teachings, extracts from her ‘Book of Shadows’ or her Grimoire …for those who have as yet not met her, she is a teacher of the mystery traditions and, as this is a fantasy tale, works between worlds as much as on the earth plane…

…she is deeply committed to her own study of the world and what human kind is doing to the planet and in this I hope to give the reader an opportunity to see a little deeper, beyond my story line  …although I am published as a fiction writer the Old Ways have a strong grip on my psyche and when I write, this cannot help but flavour my works…

I refer to Ravenkin and Shapechangers in my books, they are some of the most important characters …the other realms hold many secrets that they try to impart to the women and men, searching for Sybille …that Magick is what feeds the land and their belief in Magick is all that keeps it alive …when we lose our imagination so much magick dies …much of my writing is inspired by visual art and music…

…I hope you enjoy this extract from Silver’s Threads Book 3, Warp and Weft …to be released in just a couple of weeks…

Chapter 27: Sybille’s Teachings to her students …Trueshapers …the Soul Self

…beyond the light of dreaming stars
…beyond the light of time
…I reached within to find a space

…a place that’s only mine
…a place of light and healing sounds
…the darkness was its source

…for from that darkness light was born
…and matter its resource

A Trueshaper is the greater aspect (over-soul) of all the combined aspects of an individual, (new-agers call it soul-self) and they in turn are an aspect of the highest ideals; Goddess or God-self, if you will as of course, even Deity is one in Primordial Source.

Each of the aspects of a concurrent life, (as you know everything is now), are known as Littleshapes, sparks of life-essence that fly between lives, animating the physical body and creating the lessons and experiences of the individual’s journey.

At present in this realm, the journeying is unconscious for most and most believe, if they believe at all, that time is linear and that they must die first before they can have an understanding of other lives, other aspects of self, known as sleepers, innocents or ‘Onceborn’.

Our job when we awaken is to protect them for they are not bad, even when their fearful behaviour causes them to do dreadful, destructive things to themselves and each other. They are innocent to the extent of their true selves and therefore need to awaken, each in their own time and yet, every so often we reach what may be described as a critical mass in our planetary evolution, which pushes us inwardly toward change; these are the moments of opportunity for spiritual growth that can awaken a sleeper. We are at such a moment now in our history.

We understand our challenges better when we know these things for even the White Christ of the Christian people said, ‘They know not what they do.’

Eastern philosophies speak of Karma and this of course is a version of what I have outlined but still perceives time to be a linear process from past to present and on into an unknown, ‘fated’ future.

This is a fabricated concept, for life and the universe do not understand the meaning of the invention of the clock and man has looked to understand time, by attempting to harness it, which in turn limits understanding of alternative concepts.

Of course, we see the sunrise and set, the length of day and night, a lunar or solar cycle etcetera yet, under the laws of the universe, this is but an illusion. We would probably go insane if we were to attempt to grasp the entirety of the known and unknown worlds all happening at the same time and ourselves as vast, eternal beings; minuscule parts, cells of ourselves, flitting and animating our aspects in continuum.

If we can see it rather, more as a tapestry of threads, each thread a separate life, and yet one thread in the tapestry links each life, one to the other, not just our own journey but everyone’s journey; through this our understanding of same is broadened, becoming less insular. We can then ‘jiggle’ one of those threads from our current life perspective, drawing to us the knowledge our other aspects have collected to assemble a body of knowledge that may become ‘whole’ to itself. Is this how a new philosophy is born, perhaps?

If we have a particular skill, we are successful at but have no formal or even fleeting training in during this consciousness, chances are we have brought this quality with us or are remembering that we have achieved this in another aspect of ourselves. In turn, we can glean information from these other aspects of self as we link with them in consciousness. This too, can be observed in reverse, where we are confronted with characteristics that we just cannot own as our own, those that are negative, spontaneous outbursts of violent behaviour, for instance. This may well be where ancestral memory strands may overlap; we may not use this as an excuse to make our behaviour okay, however. I have seen many who would blame their ‘other lives’ as an excuse for their bad behaviour, using them as a crutch, instead of something to work through or integrate within, much as people with addictive traits must do. They know it is a part of them to watch, until the origin is found.

It is also advisable to realise that the goal is not perfection in the individual aspect per Se but rather in the Trueshape acquiring knowledge, through all the countless possibilities, within multiple and concurrent lives; and this is the desired outcome to all our meanderings. We may liken this to something that is rare on this planet, other than in sport and in some rare families or tribes, namely ‘teamwork’.

There are theories today that promise separation from ancestral and cellular memory in this life and that would be valid, if we were to see beings who were in fact the equivalent of the White Christ, The Magdalena, Brighid, Buddha, Mohammed, Cerridwen, Hecate and other such worthy beings who have walked this realm but what happened to them? In other words we have to actually know, (or at least have some idea), where we are going, when we speak of ‘ascension’ (although this speaks of a hierarchy) to other planes or we may indeed become lost in the ‘Between’. Therefore, we may consider finding/creating, a place that becomes so real to us on the inner; we then manifest it as the place that becomes where we will go, (and not where a hierarchy tells us we will go, scaring us with fear or wooing us with pleasure).

Is this another aspect or a final coming together of all aspects; that is of course up to you to decide!

When we understand this, all egocentric agendas fall away; we know we do not die but merely change form, our essence remaining the same yet growing, as we gather all the aspects of self into one being, united in consciousness and without fear, for fear is egocentric and is the controller. Fear is the self that believes, having things and accumulating assets, will make the ego-self happy and keep them safe.

Fear has created hierarchical orders including wealthy and poor, weak and strong, religious right and wrong in a judgemental way.

Sadly, the wealth associated with the accumulation of things cannot sustain or indeed be eaten, when one is starving.

…Copy right Penny Reilly 2013 …All Rights Reserved.

…blessings …Penny

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