…summer’s in…

summerraspberries…from 32 degree heat to rains storms …thunder rumbling as if a great notary approaches and then cool 6 degree mornings… summer’s in…

…raspberries are ripening and blackberry hedgerows are flowering; the honey sweet scent of Elder berries ripening; a fragrance like no other, carries on the stormy air after it passed through, tiny star-flowers left, scattered like snow flakes across the earth.

…outside fledgling raven and magpie gossip under the trees, waiting for parents to bring juicy offerings …one of Pip’s ‘kills’ is easy prey for the marauders.

…the young Goshawk that flew into a glass door is slowly recovering …no concussion; at least not too badly to create brain damage, is being ‘fed up’ to increase her condition and soon she’ll be flying free again in her territory, shared, amazingly with a Little Eagle, who will no longer have the skies or the rabbits to herself. I’m amazed these two raptors tolerate the sharing of space as well as they do ….in fact they totally ignore each other! I call the Little Eagle Lady …she is so elegant, hovering over my head to see if I have a spare ‘kill’ for her …Pip leaves her rabbits everywhere and Lady doesn’t say no if it’s tossed in her path …I can stand within a few feet of her now.gos

…late planting this year with the inclement and crazy climate change …herb seeds planted weeks ago are only just emerging and the tomatoes in the greenhouse are just beginning to show their honey-bee coloured flowers; some just beyond as tiny green nodules appear.

…today a cool breeze from the east carries a tang of salt, blown in from across the ranges between here and the ocean – no huge days of heat as yet but I’m sure they’re on their way before Lammas, only three weeks away. For us in the highlands there’s been dew on the ground every day and the ponds and tanks are filled to the brim …it will be an easier transition from summer to autumn this year.

…berries, cherries and plums are showing mow and elderberries are heavy on the boughs – a place to sit beneath to write – sheltered from the sun and wind in a cocoon of nature’s beauty…

…writing has once again become uppermost in my mind as a new wave of creativity threatens to overwhelm me …autumn’s approach is always inspiring and I am usually way ahead of any real seasonal change occurring…

…nature shows me the pathways and I simply follow …all the signs… young Ravens are playing at the top of the sycamore trees; they dive to catch the small eddies on the breeze that takes them back up to the top on a free ride… and I remember the things I knew instinctively as a child…

…post the ‘silly season’ for most and for us Litha, there’s a lull as things grow and sprout, with a little water, sunshine and love… the chookhens are laying and I have to check on them more often as Flo has gone broody, stealing and stashing the eggs to brood but fruitlessly as there is no rooster around… but she’s determined, coming over all ‘other’ when I approach her to lift her off and gently coax her outside with food and water, else the eggs will be ‘cooked’.

…we had the first harvest of fresh raspberries and blackcurrants …not enough for jam making or vinegar but delicious for a sauce on sweet potato and potato Latkes made with spring onions in a herb and garlic butter …topped with a cheek of pan warmed mango and haloumi …then drizzled with the sweet-sour berry reduction …mmmm!

Book 4, Silken Web in the Silver’s Threads series is still in process and I’ll be able to finish the main story with Book 5, Skeins of Tyme, tying in all the books…

…my new series Cloak of Magick, Vol 1 will tie back in occasionally with the first …although they will be complete in themselves…

…when I draw a map of the characters it looks like a ‘merkabah’ …how bizarre is that! …the characters and places they visit and meet moves back and forth through the ‘tapestry’ creating a star form.

…yesterday …I sat at home in a grove of silver birches with my NotePad, research books and notes, feeling dreamily relaxed and centered ..little birds flitted in the canopy above, twittering to each other and grabbing snacks on the wing …a creative, and beautiful time at home …in a Grove of Trees… 


…in a Grove of trees
…there’s a whispering breeze
…that speaks of a land of wonder
…when we hear the call
…it soaks through to our soul
…so we float …we don’t go under
…when we listen with ease
…here that voice on the breeze
…and we walk every day in the knowing
…that the greening’s begun
…we don’t walk …we run
…to the land of liquid light flowing
…we are free in our hearts …in our soul
…all are one …and in truth …all are whole

…blessings from beyond the gate …Penny



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