…first harvest …and yet…

…when the first harvest is done I usually feel a slight relief that the heat of summer will soon be over …after a long winter and spring, summer hit with enormous heat and power, with much of our state dried and seared. I haybalesalways think we are so blessed, here on our cool climate hills …this year so far we have been spared the fires but the heat has been an aberration …and yet …the scent of eucalyptus oils, warm and spicy fills the air and the dusty pollen of fog grass, adds a strange other-worldly view to the scene …it’s like looking through a pale yellow cloud…

…slim pickings from the garden as really, only the tomatoes want to make an effort to show off and without rain, soft fruits shrivel on the hedgerows and so days of constant alertness test the adrenals and we long for a cooling shower or two …and yet this is part of the Australian country life now…

…autumn is making her way slowly as elderberries ripen on the old elder trees …plums begin to colour up and within the month, juicy fruits will grace our table in rich, dark red and burgundy harvest …golden flowers of cucumber, and pumpkin are definitely showing off in the hot-house, they simply close their petals tight and sit it out, waiting for a spray of water night and morning …I love doing this and the chookhens love it too, when I spray their quince trees spreading boughs and they run clucking for droplets of water and any bugs that may have been dislodged from their tenuous hold on slippery leaves…

dew…I can smell the damp in the early morning air, despite the lack of rain and as another heat soaked day dawns… my favourite time of year approaches, when walks in the surrounding country side are full of wonder …fat mushrooms will soon burst from rotting tree trunks and in dark loamy leaf fall, under wide-spreading trees …it’s the smell I love …Pine mushrooms will be there for the taking and blackberries will plump up with night-time moisture again…

…this year, too many little birds have fallen down our chimney …too many wombats have contracted deadly mange and our own hens and pets have lain, somnambulist’s in the coolest, shadiest spots available …at times I could easily have joined them but writing keeps my mind off the heat and immersed in tales of other cooler climbs.

…waiting is the hardest thing when I’m ready to move on to other things …selling the business, the building and moving full-time into writing and teaching; in the heat of summer if can feel as though the day will never come …and yet it will …soon enough…

Book 4 of my Silver’s Threads series is almost complete …then comes the patience of editing and production …a little poetry volume is almost ready to go and my non-fiction has a nibble from an interested source in the UK …everything at this time of year is about waiting …the days are long but already the light is fading earlier and sunrise later …patience at least is one of my strong points…

…first harvest is over; we move through the cycles and the Wheel turns again …after Lammas, we begin the gentle slide into days of swirling amber leaves and chill dew drops turn to frost…



 Lammas is past, the day’s drawing in

A sweet wind prevails, blowing soft on your skin.

Early morning dewdrops, bare toes caress

Nature looks inward, with no sign of distress

She spins in Her cycles, in ebb and in flow

There’s no thought of, ‘I’m dying’,

She simply let’s go…

As leaves, begin changing in coloured array

The sun loses strength in a shortening day.

Cooling mists swirl ‘neath a canopy of light

Nature’s abundance is now at its height

Before gently …softly …falling

…cascades into night.

…may summer find you full of life …and new passions that reach their zenith to plateau in autumn’s mild mists …blessings from Beyond the Gate …Penny

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