…I have been remiss!

My apologies, lovely readers, I have been very remiss. I have missed my blog and the friends found here and promise to make a greater effort now that the back, so to speak, of a long list of tasks is diminishing just a little.

It has been a busy and extraordinarily busy time, what with NaNo, collating the next works for publication, redesigning my business, upgrading websites and of course the farm.
Beyond the Gate is also becoming a business name and I look forward to sharing the news shortly about what’s happening with this.

Autumn seems to be sneaking in stealthily. Nights are cooling and days, crisp and clear but suddenly there’s dew on the ground and morning mists spread tentacles across the surface of ponds and grasses.image

Harvest time, post Lughnasadh and I can feel the season change, slowing. I feel the need, amongst my busy doings to simply stop, look around at the harvest abundance and be grateful for my life, where I live and the magnificence of my natural surroundings, so conducive to creativity.

I took a pause after my first series Silver’s Threads but now a year on and I have so many new plans and goals for my work, no wonder I felt the need to just stand still. And so this is just a wee hello to I’m back with imagea flower and a ‘virtual hug’ for all the lovely people who take time for my books, poetry, photography  and story telling.

I’ll be back shortly with some new ideas to share.

With warm wishes and blessings,




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