…post Winter Solstice…

I’m back and yet I’m not!

Exactly 2 months and 2 days since my return to Australia and fear I left pieces of me, littered across the moors and rocky leaps of the UK. I certainly plan to reclaim those “bits” but am presently finding methods to connect… one foot on each island, perhaps? This occurs in vivid dreams with a full score of music and visuals… wish I’d paid more attention in the transcribing of notes to paper better at school! When I wrote my first series, it was a similar process in many ways.


I walked the moors in dreams again. Frogs barked a warning as I passed, before falling silent. Water squelched under my boots, releasing bog gas to my, unsuspecting nose. I wobbled as my boot came loose with a sucking pop and for a moment I thought I’d strayed from the path as Fey-lights flickered in my peripheral vision.


Stumbling into the circle; something had led me there unwittingly, I almost crashed into the huge dolmen that reared. The unknown tugged at my gut… fluttered in my belly and I reached out… groping in the dim light to make contact. My hand met stone, rough and worn. Scents lifted; lichen, moss, soft and wet, from the blanket of mist that covered the land in the fading twilight.



I thought I would faint with the power emanating from the ancient monolithic, site as others reared their heads. A labyrinthine shift… my ears popped, and I fell forward… hands reaching… I leaned in close to the tallest stone. Something moved me to lean my head against the cool surface, cushioned by the moist, soft covering. It sang as my forehead touched.  Light flashed as the current of energy and sound overwhelmed me, taking over my senses. I screamed. Pleasure and pain overwhelmed me. Another scream echoed. I woke sweat-bathed and shivering. Wow what a journey… it may be fanciful but what emerges from our psyche is what we most need to ponder on, I guess?

There were many signposts and way-showers on the journey. I had envisioned my primary goal was Glastonbury Tor and yet it seems the inner me… my muse, knew better and took me to other Tors. Lesser known perhaps but with energy of the ancients stored in their hearts.


…to be continued… blessings …Penny



  1. Lovely Penny, just recently I was in Ireland and also managed to see some of the lesser Circles of Stones and sit within them..They are fascinating and powerful and I imagine seeing them put into place by the people of that time with some “Extra T” help perhaps….What a privilege to be able to visit them 🙂

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    1. Thanks Odette …an amazing journey and now incredible insights into the ancient sites. It’s just begun, I sense and is a little like waiting for the next installments. 🙂


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