…Magick is… (that way for me)


I find, living the way I do, even when I’m not at the farm, I crave the no-nonsense simplicity reflected in Nature. Subtle shifts of colour in fading or growing light and the rudimental beauty of swaying branches, tall grasses, bright mornings or days, of persistent mist.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA   Autumn is making her presence felt.

Wild duck have settled near the ponds and their honking cries are a new, quirky tone, in the duckrunnercacophony of bird sounds, known and unknown, settling to stay through the cold months.

Nothing fussy. Just Nature getting things done.





Magick is that way for me… nothing fussy. If you know how to perceive Magick, it’s not about tools and regimented rites, other than solid knowledge on staying safe and how to build energy through repetition… building layer upon layer that recognises where we’re going as much as we recognise its subtleties of inflection and change. We change, each time we ‘perform’ our rites, therefore, no two rites are the same.


There is no place on earth, holier than another. There is perhaps, more memory stored through ritual or historical events, to rebuild memory anew, to reweave a rite, once woven. Replication is never identical. No two moments, even by intention, are  the same.

With a different pair of hands or different attitude, facets of the original rite subtly alter what lays hidden, stored in layers of intent, which creates something new with each change.

No matter how microscopic that change, the physical conduit is different each time.

The language or inflection of words spoken, will change a layer of the original. Added to that, where do the words of a ritual come from and, if just quoted by rote they are more or less redundant, unless spoken with authority and knowledge. We may build layers, pyramids, circles to add memory and new data. Authenticity, can only be that of the participant. Each participant in a group rite, brings something new and different to the working, and each time. We can perform a ceremony many times, but it will never be identical, even when words, tools and ingredients are the same. Mood, intent, moment in life, age, day, month, year, hour… each play their part in the alteration.

Authenticity, courage, strength are imperative… scribe your own words… craft your own rite. Bring to it, your own knowledge and power. Never allow another to dictate how you use your power as long as you know how to protect and remain safe.


Forget your fussy tools… point a finger, pick up a stick, find the herbs in your garden, kitchen cupboard or a hedgerow, a feather; a tiny something used to express your connection to the nature of your rite, and to your Magicks. Let loose, with harm to none and with treasures of scraps and wild gatherings.



  1. Thank you Ann. I am very pleased you enjoy. My thoughts have always been to just be yourself, be the unique person you are. Re my words/work …there is a book on its way of my philosophy, photography, poetry and lifestyle, forthcoming. Warm wishes to you.

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  2. I absolutely love reading your perspectives on nature, life, magick! It helps me feel like I am ok. I do feel these many same things and I am not an oddball or whatever people want to label me! Thank you! I am trying to figure out a way to copy and print all these words of life and wisdom out. I want to have them where I can read and study and reassure all of it! I like paper writings! Very old school I know but it’s what I like! Thank you again!

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