…when in the world …what in the world!?

Every morning, as Raven float on air currents, and mists rise off the ponds, I ask the questions, when in the world …what in the world!? How did I get to find such a space to live and be? When did I become so blessed by nature and her wild companions? When did the weather include me in their cycles of wind and sunlight, moonlight, and singing stars? When did I awake from oblivion, to the power and beauty of nature …or did I just not fall asleep?


What in the world happened to the rest of the planet? I know there are growing numbers, a movement of people returning to the natural ways of living, even in the depths of cities. Whole streets, pulling down their dividing fences to share space and grow food together …what fun, what joy.  But what in the world happened to the world at large, chasing around like an unruly mob of hyena, baying at the blue moon of “I-want-it-now”?

When did all this “having” actually bring happiness …and I’m not saying poverty is a pretty space having been there once upon a time, but surely the resources of this little blue-green globe, are not infinite. When was the thrill of anticipating something long dreamed of, die, only to be replaced by a ravaging “mine’s bigger than yours,” mentality? I despair, but then, I did my planning. I waited until the very essence of all I am manifested for me in land with an old barn and dairy, just crying out to be reclaimed


…and in the doing, I was claimed by the land. We are inseparable. I have told my family, one day they may find me, curled beneath an ancient tree, in my final sleep …for that is the natural process of such an immersion in nature’s embrace.


When in the world did I get so lucky …because that’s the word people use, when they see my photo shots or walk with me through the orchard and greenhouse, across lush fields and into woodlands, down to the ponds. And yet, luck has nothing to do with anything in my world. Lady Luck is a capricious figment of non-responsibility, if you ask me. No… I dreamed, I longed… I lived as if I already had the lush landscape around me. I tasted, smelled, saw and touched in my innermost, dreaming-space, all the potential that is now my reality.


I pinned a map on the wall of the region, and wondered what was there in that little pocket of land in the hills until, eventually, it found me. When I first saw it, in the “real world”, it was on a random drive, seeking and at that time, it was not on the market. I stood at the gate, breathing it in. A fox drifted fast, all unconcerned, a hawk flew overhead and a “conference of Raven”, muttered from the trees overhanging. So many familiar spirits in one place.


When my house sold, taking longer than anticipated, I took another drive to the land that sang to me in my sleep …on the gate was a For Sale sign. Luck then? No, I believe design …conscious awareness of need and needed, drawing together the possibilities …quantum moments of empty voids, filled by desire, rather than random acts of “luck.”

When did humankind forget that Nature feeds us …belly, heart, mind and soul. Without Her we are lost


And so,  …when in the world …what in the world?

May you find your sane solutions… Penny

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