Beyond the Gate Gallery

Part of the creative flow that helped me begin my journey into writing was poetry… the twisting, rhythmic flow brings me great joy and it would seem my friends at my Poetry Page, Beyond the Gate Gallery on FacebookInstagram and now, my new book Unfurled is available for purchase in paperback and kindle format.



When we live in the changing seasons with a love of nature that goes beyond judgement or right/wrong incidences we find a way to live that is simple, connected and creative.

Nature offers us Her all, which is why Beyond the Gate offers Her, as the inspiration of art, photography, poetry and books that reflect the changing seasons in self-sufficient living, food and sacred space, seeds and products created, using only Her gifts.

In solitude I find myself standing

…where sea and sand meet the sky

Alone but not lonely I ponder

…the timeless Soul that is ‘I’

 Reflecting in quiet surrender

…realisation came with a jolt

Beyond the difference of gender

…a lonely thought; a lightning bolt

 We are all one in the centre

Our being; one and the same

Though along lonely paths we venture

…in solitude we merge, one flame


Penny Reilly is a well-known face on Amazon, face book, instagram and twitter for her books, photos and poetry and now she would like to share them with you.

Penny is a Druid Bard, author, poet, photographer and artist who lives her life for the greening of our planet.



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